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About us

IBEXX was developed by Axxess Healthcare Consulting GmbH and HEMAP AG. Both companies offer a comprehensive range of services and in-depth industry knowledge in the areas of market access, pricing, reimbursement and business development for pharmaceutical companies.  

With the software-supported process cost analysis of medical therapy processes, Axxess Healthcare Consulting and HEMAP have expanded their consulting portfolio to include an increasingly important component.

The name of the method was derived from Ibex - an animal living in the mountains. Just as ibexes find the right path confidently and reliably in high alpine areas under the most difficult conditions, we also navigate through the complex processes of medical treatments with IBEXX

Competence, experience, professionalism - these are the qualities that the teams of Axxess Healthcare Consulting and HEMAP have in common. Our goal is to develop the best solutions for our customers.

We achieve this goal by always being open to new ideas, despite our decades of experience in the industry. Always looking for even better solutions for our customers.

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