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IBEXX - we analyze therapy process costs

For our analyses, we always look at the course of a patient's treatment from a process perspective. A treatment can be divided into individual services; each of these services is made up of individual processes and each process consists of several individual activities.

This results in the following process model:

In 9 steps to a complete process analysis

We use a software-based approach (Ibexx©) to carry out a detailed and comprehensive process analysis of a predefined treatment. In order to minimize the time required for the healthcare provider´s staff, we first create a process model based on standard operating procedures (SOPs), publications and our experience.

Our Ibexx© software enables graphical representation and the use of standardized names for individual services and processes to enable a comparison of different treatments and/or settings. The model is then validated and adjusted with the people involved in the treatment process. In these discussions, we record the personnel involved, the duration and the materials assigned to a process, such as medication and disposable items, for each process.

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