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Horizon scanning with impact analysis

Horizon scanning and impact analysis are particularly useful when:

  • You need a longer-term outlook on new therapies for your resource planning

  • You do not have resources for market observation and analysis

  • You cannot estimate the extent of the impact on your resources from new therapies and technologies. 

  • You need to estimate how you need to adapt your resources to the characteristics and size of the patient population over time.

It is a major challenge for healthcare providers to estimate the impact of new therapies on their own financial and human resources in advance.


Every year, pharmaceutical and medical technology companies introduce a variety of new therapies and  technologies on the market. In 2022 alone, 89 medicines were approved in the European Union, 41 of which had a new active ingredient. Many of these new therapies require new organizational, technical and medical processes for their application.

This can lead to problems with resource planning, especially given the large number of medical innovations.

We support you in identifying the innovations that are relevant to you at an early stage. With our experience from process analytics, we can determine the possible impact of future innovations on your processes and your human resources. Since a lot of information is not yet available in this early development phase and before a medical therapy is approved, assumptions must be made about later routine use. That's why we work with different scenarios here to determine the likely resource requirements.

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